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Deyga Anti Acne Kit: Spirulina & Matcha Face

Pack + Tea Tree Facial Toner Review


Unlike lots of other acne care regime Deyga’s anti acne kit contains only two products, a face pack with potent anti-inflammatory ingredients like spirulina, matcha, moringa etc. and a facial mist toner which contains pure tea tree hydrosol. Tea tree needs no introduction for its antibacterial properties that helps control acne, whereas spirulina, matcha, moringa, aloe vera works by calming down the irritation & inflammation.



We live in the era of Netflix and chill, Zomato and constantly increasing pollution. This fast paced life makes us choose the easier options for living life which is definitely understandable but when it takes a toll on our skin, you must not ignore it. Did you know that the acne problem has increased by 30% in the whole world? No wonder a lot of us are facing some sort of issues with acne every now and then. In a country like India where organic skin care is nothing new Deyga brings to you a simple & effective skin care regime for acne prone skin. Deyga’s organic anti acne kit contains only two simple steps that too not for every day because you don’t need a face pack every single day. So taking care of acne is actually easier with Deyga anti acne kit.


Price & Availability

As mentioned before that Deyga Anti Acne Kit contains two products. The Spirulina Matcha face pack is priced at Rs. 550 for 200g of product while the Tea Tree Facial Toner retails for Rs.450 for 100ml. These products are available on Deyga.in



Deyga Spirulina & Matcha Face Pack comes in a thick glass jar with black lid, which is the classic Deyga packaging. The glass jar looks good and is quite strong. The Tea Tree Facial Toner on the other hand has a plastic spray bottle packaging which is the most convenient way to use a toner if you ask me. The spray nozzle spritz the toner like a fine mist, it helps to spread the product all your over face and neck. All the necessary details of the products are mentioned on the sides of the packages.



Both the products must have given you a hint of what they contain by their names right!

Well the Tea Tree Facial Toner is pure steam distilled tea tree water.

Spirulina & Matcha Face Pack on the other hand contains some really interesting herbs like, “Spirulina, Matcha, Aloe Vera, Moringa, Neem, Comfrey”. All these ingredients have soothing, cooling and healing properties along with anti-inflammatory properties.



My Experience

Before we begin with the experience let me talk about my skin type for your reference. I have acne prone combination skin. I break out quite often. You will always find one or more anti-inflammatory skin care products in my stash because the most effective way to tackle any active/inflamed acne is to use something that can soothe it.

So let’s first talk about Deyga Spirulina & Matcha Face Pack. I have been recently introduced with spirulina as an ingredient for skin care. Spirulina is a sea algae that has lots of health benefits. It comes in loaded with minerals which enhances glow by mineralizing your skin. Most importantly spirulina can promote cell turnover rate, thus helping skin to heal faster, prevent further breakouts. Matcha on the other hand helps relieving skin from irritation by calming down inflammation because of the potent antioxidant ECGC present in it. Matcha is a start ingredient when it comes to relieve redness and itchiness of active acne. Aloe vera for acne treatment needs no introduction for us Indians. It hydrates and calms down inflamed skin. Both neem and moringa are anti bacterial, they can control acne by killing the bacteria and they help in healing existing acne faster by drying them out. Comfrey is another herb with healing properties, it increases cell turnover rate too. So all in all this Spirulina & Matcha Face Pack from Deyga works by healing acne by soothing irritation and reducing inflammation. It also prevents further breakouts by killing bacteria hence acne dries out faster, skin looks smooth & fresh due to the abundance of antioxidants and minerals. Since all the ingredients are natural I did a patch test before application. Then I used this pack as a spot treatment on top of my active acne. It went very well as those active acne dried out and reduced in size super fast. A few days later I started using it all over my face and neck. Deyga Spirulina & Matcha Face Pack is a green semi-fine powder which turns into a deep vibrant green coloured paste when mixed with water. Smells very herbal-y with a hint of spirulina in it. The entire experience is very calming and relaxing. The mask dries out pretty quickly and easy to wash off with plain water, does not cling onto pores.

Once I wash off the Spirulina & Matcha Face Pack I like to spritz the Tea Tree Facial Toner all over my face. It is another refreshing experience. Though I feel the best time to use this mist is after a long tiring day. The fresh smell of tea tree instantly energizes and revitalizes skin. Tea tree is famous for its antibacterial property which helps control breakouts, dries out acne faster and this toner does just that. One thing I would like to mention here, this is pure steam distilled tea tree water, so it is pretty strong and a potent herb water. I suggest you to start slowly with a small amount to build the tolerance level of your skin. Another interesting application of this toner is that you can use it on your scalp. Yes, since it is just steam distilled tea tree water and tea tree is great for scalp, hair as well, I like to spray it on my scalp on my no hair wash days or as a post workout hair mist. It makes my hair look less greasy and controls oil as well. I suppose it’ll be helpful for those with dandruff and itchy scalp problems. On my face I like to spray only one pump after the face pack and two pumps on days when I am not using the face pack. Using the Spirulina & Matcha face pack twice a week is more than enough. Both the products are handmade, cruelty free and made with organic, natural ingredients and they work amazingly well on inflamed acne prone skin.



  1. A simple two step acne care & control kit.
  2. Contains a face pack and a face mist so you don’t even need to follow two steps every day.
  3. Acts by drying out & healing the active acne and preventing future breakouts.
  4. Very potent formulations for acne prone skin.
  5. Both of these two products are handmade, they contain organic natural ingredients and they are cruelty free.
  6. A little bit is required for the whole face and neck. So these products last long which is very cost effective.
  7. Packaging is on point. The face pack is in powder form so a sturdy glass jar is not just convenient but it is more sustainable also. The toner however has plastic packaging but the fine spray nozzle dispenses enough toner as a fine mist which adds to the refreshing experience.


  1. All natural ingredients, some people can be allergic to them. Patch tests are always recommended.
  2. Though I don’t really consider this as a con but I would like to mention again that these two products are very potent formulations. Hence they need to be used with controlled hands. “Less is more” motto should be followed while using them.



4.5/5 for these two together as anti acne kit.

4/5 for Deyga Spirulina & Matcha Face Pack.

4.5/5 for Deyga Tea Tree Facial Toner.

Do I Recommend?



Will I Repurchsae?

If I struggle with breakouts again then yes.



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