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Heimish Anti-Dust Cleansing Pack


A double action gel cleanser, can be used as a face wash and a face pack as well. It forms beautiful foam when massaged on wet skin, but, when left on the skin as a face pack it forms tiny little bubbles. Heimish Anti-Dust cleansing pack is an all-in-one cleanser that removes ultrafine particles, makeup and impurities from the pores. Contains plant derived cellulose and cica extracts, which exfoliates, tones, hydrates and soothes the skin, tightens the pores, reduces comedones and skin congestion, controls sebum production. Makes skin soft, supple and clean after every wash.



Calling all the Korean skin care lovers. Today I am reviewing a new K-beauty product. It is the Anti-Dust Cleansing Pack from Heimish. There exists a lot of fun skin care in the world of K-beauty. If you love Korean skin care products this brand Heimish is definitely not a new name to you and if you are new to Korean skin care, please keep on reading because this ANti-Dust Cleansing Pack is a multi tasker in single bottle. Now without any further adieu let’s jump into the review.


Price & Availability

Heimish is a Korean skin care brand. This anti dust cleansing pack is yet to launch in India. It will be available on the website of Beauty Barn India. This single bottle will last you a whole year. The ANti-Dust Cleansing Pack retails for $25.90 on YesStyle which is Rs.2139 for 250ml and that is a very generous quantity.



Heimish Anti-Dust Cleansing Pack has the most understated, minimalist & simplistic packaging I have ever seen in a skin care product. The outer cardboard package bears all the necessity information regarding the product. The product comes in a plain white cylindrical pump bottle and it is a clean packaging. The bottle is made of high quality plastic, it is very very strong and sturdy. There is a small stopper attached just below the pump to prevent the pump from dispensing the product which makes is travel friendly too. The overall look is very minimal, classy and bears a high-end vibe. I absolutely love it.



The ingredients list is short and crisp. This Anti-Dust cleansing pack contains, “Water, Coco-Glucoside, Methyl Perfluoroisobutyl Ether, Acrylates Copolymer, Cellulose, Glycerin, Potassium Cocoyl Glycinate, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Madecassoside, Asiaticoside, Biosaccharide Gum-4, Dextrin, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Hydroxide, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Fragrance, Limonene”

The fragrance here is citrus-y and very very mild.



Heimish claims that this Anti-Dust cleansing pack is,

“Clinically tested for removing 99.68% ultrafine particles, skin irritation tested.”

“this is an all-in-one product that effectively removes makeup, impurities, and even ultrafine particles with its 99.68% cleansing power.”

“A 3-step gel-bubble-foam formula that also functions as a pack. The semitransparent gel formula turns into fine bubbles for effective cleansing. More abundant lather will form and massage the face upon rinsing with water, making skin more moisturized and supple.”

“Contains 20% bio-cellulose water hug cell that absorbs impurities and sebum while retaining moisture.

Contains skin-protecting cica ingredients (centella asiatica extract, asiaticoside and madecassoside)

Contains coconut-derived cleansing agents with naturally derived cleansing ingredients.”


My Experience

If there is such a thing called love at first application then this cleanser is exactly that for my skin. I love Korean skin care products, simply because their formulation is top notch. This is my fist ever product from the brand Heimish and this one is their latest launch in the market.

This Anti-Dust Cleansing Pack is a thick semi transparent gel, has a soothing and refreshing yet very mild citrus fragrance to it. The pump dispenser is just perfectly dispenses the right amount of product. A single pump is more than enough for my entire face and neck because it foams up really nicely. For masking purpose I require 2-3 pumps to cover my face and neck with a thin layer of this gel.

My skin is combination and acne prone, I get hormonal acne and sometimes cystic acne too. So a deep cleanser with skin soothing and hydrating ingredients like cica definitely is very beneficial for my skin.

Since this Heimish Anti-Dust Cleansing Pack can be used as a regular face wash and a face pack I prefer to use this as a cleanser in the morning and a bubble face pack at night for that deep action pore cleansing. My skin feels squeaky clean and pores feel tighter after each wash, either way. While using as a cleansing pack it tickles the skin as the bubbles starts forming. That is a very nice feeling, like the pack is working on my comedones. I just spread a very thin layer of this cleanser on my wet face & neck and the bubbles start forming all by itself. Once a thick layer of bubbles are produced I simply wash it all off with regular water and voila! My skin feels clean and a lot more brighter, the congestion is reduced to a great extent, open pores appear smaller and tighter, acne and redness feels toned down and soothed.

The cellulose in it is superb as an exfoliator, which peels off the layer of dead skin cells, pulls out gunk from congested pores to a great extent. Cica is extremely soothing and hydrating which helps healing angry acne faster. Even cystic acne heals faster due to the exfoliation it provides.

Of course it will make skin feel a bit stretchy and dry given that it’s a deep action cleanser but it does not make my skin feel devoid of moisture. It does not strip off skin’s natural moisture either. So it’s a win win!

I get a lot of white heads and comedones under my pores around the nose area and this cleanser pulls them out very very effectively. I have not used any other chemical exfoliator since the day I have started using this. It’s been almost a month now and I can see a reduction to my pore size and sebum production as well.

All in all I absolutely love the Heimish Anti-Dust Cleansing Pack. It is simply a multi-tasker and my skin loves it every possible way, day and night.



  1. Top notch formulation from a global K-beauty brand. Truly does everything it claims.
  2. Two in one product, can be used as a face was and a face pack.
  3. Works as an all-rounder. Deep cleanses, unclogs pores, exfoliates, soothes, hydrates and brightens skin.
  4. The pump packaging is amazing, it dispenses just the right amount of product.
  5. A very little is required for the entire face and neck so a little goes a long way. This 250ml bottle will probably last a whole year.
  6. Has a very mild citrus fragrance which is just the perfect amount to freshen up the mood but not to irritate my sensitive nose. I am very allergic towards highly fragrant skin care products.
  7. The bubble masking experience is fun and very beneficial for gently cleansing skin congestions.
  8. Comes in a big pump bottle, very sturdy and classy. Looks super simple and luxe.
  9. Contains plant derived cellulose which gently yet effectively peels off dead cells and pulls out comedones from pores.
  10. Contains skin soothing cica ingredients which helps soothing itchiness, redness or angry acne very effectively.
  11. Cleanses the skin deeply and thoroughly, pulls out gunk from congested pores and tightens them.
  12. Does not strip off skin’s natural moisture and hydrates too.



  1. The only con is the huge 250ml bottle which makes it not so travel friendly but, you can simply dispense the product to a smaller container for travelling without any contamination because of the pump dispenser.
  2. Can dry out normal to dry skin if used every day as a cleansing pack.





Do I Recommend?

Totally, to everyone out there.


Will I Repurchase?

Yes, but the quantity is huge and I keep on trying a lot of different products, so I may not repurchase it right after this bottle gets over.



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