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Reviewing Organic Eyebrows & Eyelashes Growth Oil From Deyga


Formulated with the most promising eyebrow hair growth oils like castor, rosemary, lavender, Deyga eyebrow growth oil not only stimulates the hair growth on eyebrows, it helps growing eye lashes as well. If you want thick busy brows or long eye lashes then here is the remedy for you. Use this eyebrow growth oil on your brows and on the roots of you eye lashes to help the hair grow faster, thicker and longer.



I have always had thin eyebrows and nearly invisible small eyelashes . My brows are really bad in terms of growth which makes me try and test a lot of things for eyebrows. So I came across this eyebrow growth oil the other day and I immediately fell for it. I just had to try it. So today I am sharing my experience after using this oil every single day for two whole weeks.


Price & Availability

This eyebrow growth including all other products from Deyga are available on their website www.deyga.in. You can get it from there. This oil is priced at Rs.730 for 30ml of quantity.

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Deyga has really attractive packaging for all their products. This eyebrow growth oil comes in a glass bottle with a dropper cap which makes it just perfect for hassle free application. The dropper is made of glass and it is attached to a metal lid. It has an outer cardboard packaging too. The bottle is very strong, I dropped it once by mistake, thankfully nothing happened but this made me realize it is travel friendly bottle given that you don’t put too much of pressure on it while packing.



“Deyga’s eyebrow and eyelash growth oil is designed for the browaholic in you! It is rich in fatty nutrients and minerals which nourishes and moisturizes the hair folliclles and makes your eyebrows looks healthier and thicker. It is an abundant source of ricinoleic which helps add volume.

If you are a person who is highly obsessed with your eyebrows, just don’t give a second thought, because, our nutrient rich oil can make your eyebrows on fleek!”

Sounds quite pomising.



This eyebrow growth oil contains, “Argan oil, Castor oil, Coconut oil, Rosemary oil, Lavender oil, Tea tree oil, Vitamin E oil” which is pretty neat and short. All these oils are nourishing and infamous for stimulating hair growth.


My Experience

I already have mentioned my reason to try this product so without much intro I want to jump right into my experience with this baby from day one. Before starting with the application I plucked my eyebrows to remove all the excess growth so that I can get a fair idea of how fast they grew back. After toning the skin I waited for a few minutes and then applied this oil.

The dropper bottle is the best thing, the application becomes super convenient with the dropper. To be honest you don’t really need much oil for eyebrows. I took just one drop and rubbed it in between the tip of my ring fingers to warm it up a little and then I massaged it on both my eyebrows focusing on those areas where I want more growth. I like to massage in the opposite direction of hair growth. I also apply a very very gentle pressure because the skin there is very soft and thin.

The oil is pretty thick and heavy in terms of texture but not that sticky, it has a golden yellow sort of colour to it. It has a earthy-nutty aroma due to the presence of different oils like Vitamin E oil, castor oil, argan oil etc. There is no added fragrance which I love. I could not sniff that much of essential oils though and I am glad that they are present in low quantity because our eye area is sensitive too.

So right after application I could feel that there is oil on my brows despite massaging it quite well. Anyways I left it there for around four hours and then washed off with my regular face wash. I repeat this same procedure every single day till I was satisfied with the growth of my eyebrows. The hair did grew back way faster than they do. The teeny-tiny hairs around my brows grew longer too, usually they do not grow, so I am very happy that they are longer than they were. As a result my brows are looking a bit fuller when looked closely. For a better and permanent result I definitely have to keep using this for longer period of time. I can definitely say that it works better than plain castor oil, I can see the difference it is making which castor oil never did. I am happy with the way it is working and it seems very promising in terms of the results.

Also I would like to mention that 30 ml is a huge quantity just for eye brows. You barely need a drop or so, for both of your brows. Thicker brows may require more though but this much of oil is definitely gonna last you longer than you think.

The oils present in it are very nourishing for scalp and hair. So I mixed three drops of this oil in my regular champi oil just to check the results. My hair looked shinier than usual post washing.

Lastly, I would like to say that I have a tendency to catch cold from thick and heavy oils. I have not faced any issue while using this during the day but it is thick and has castor oil in it. So if you are like me then I’ll suggest you use it only during the day-time like I do.



  1. Cruelty free, organic, handmade.
  2. Comes in a dropper bottle which is both user & travel friendly.
  3. A little goes a long way. One or two drops is enough for both the brow, so it is cost effective.
  4. Contains some nourishing oils.
  5. Does what it claims. Hair grows faster and thicker.
  6. Effective, gives visible results real quick.
  7. The skin around the eyebrows look very smooth and nourished.
  8. Can be use on scalp too but in that case you need to mix it with other lighter oils to make it less thick.



  1. The only con I have found is that the quantity is huge. It will be difficult for me to finish it because I use it alone and on eyebrows only.


My Rating



Will I Repurchase?

Probably yes. It works much better & faster than plain castor oil.


Do I Recommend?

Yes, this product definitely worths a try if you want to grow your eye brows faster & thicker.


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