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Tricks To Treat Hyperpigmentation/Skin Discoloration Naturally


Natural home remedies to treat hyperpigmentation, any kind of skin discoloration and melasma. Use it to treat dark spots or patches on face, dark elbows, knees etc.

Natural home remedies to treat hyperpigmentation, any kind of skin discoloration and melasma. Use it for dark patches on face, dark elbows, knees etc. 

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Do you have dark patches on your face or body? Your skin never looks even toned, there’s always some dark patch. Sounds familiar? Well, you are suffering from hyper pigmentation. Hyper pigmentation is nothing but the medical term used to describe the dark patches of skin. There are several reasons that can cause hyper pigmentation or skin discoloration on face and body. These include your overall health condition, certain medications, eating habits, life style etc. The good part about this is that it can be treated very easily at home. All you have to do is to be patient and consistent with the process as hyper pigmentation is stubborn and comes back really easily if left untreated.

Now, there are many ways to treat hyper pigmentation at home. I have picked some of my favorites. These are very easy and quick fix that works for me. I have dark patch around my mouth but they can be use to lighten dark elbows, knees and feet as well.

1. Lemon and Honey

Mix same amount of lemon juice and honey. Apply on cleansed face or in the affected area only. Keep it for 10 to 20 minutes or till it dries. Wash it using lukewarm water and then use a good moisturizer. Repeat this twice a week initially to get even toned skin. Once the discoloration vanishes use this once a week to make sure the dark patch does not come back.

2. Potato Juice Ice Cubes

Peel and grind a clean potato, extract the juice, add some water, place it in an ice tray and freeze. Now that your potato juice ice cubes are ready rub one cube on the affected area once a week and get even toned skin.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix same portion of ACV and water. Now apply this mixture using a cotton pad on affected area. Keep it for 5 minutes and wash. Repeat every two days till you get the desired result.

4. Ripe Tomato and Yogurt Mix

This one is my absolute favorite. Make a thick paste out of a ripe tomato. Whisk same amount of yogurt (you can use curd also) and mix these two very well. Apply this paste all over your face and body. This mixture is so effective that it can remove sun tan in the first application. Use it once a week for that glowing even toned skin and say goodbye to hyper pigmentation forever.

So these are my favorite remedies for treating hyperpigmentation. Another key is to keep the affected area well moisturized so always apply a good moisturizer after treating the affected skin.

Which one did you like the most? Have you tried any ? Let me know in the comments below.

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